Reactions to Camara’s proposal

Cardijn evidently sought the advice of his colleagues regarding Dom Helder Camara’s proposal. Their responses are recorded in Cardijn’s personal archives.

In an explanatory note, Marguerite Fiévez, Cardijn’s secretary and later his archivist, explained their possible sources:

N.B. These undoubtedly come from:

— either Jacques Meert

— Fr Uylenbroeck

— or Marguerite Fiévez

— or all three.

The reactions, which were clearly extracted from other notes or oral conversations, were recorded as follows:

1. No initiative or detail of the implementation should come from you.

2. It would perhaps be better if the initiative were taken by the “Church of the Poor” group, of which Bishop Himmer and Bishop Ancel are the presidents.

3. Even so, attention should be paid so that it cannot be said that we are classifying the bishops as bishops for the poor and bishops for the rich – a bishop is for everyone.

4. I find the idea of a vow a bit strong. Couldn’t another means of expressing this be found?

5. No question of doing this in the Pietralata Church. But with the help of the parish priest we could find another place (in the open air?) for a concelebration around 4pm, for example.

6. Proposed date: Around 17 October – the president and the chaplain-general of the JOC will be there.